Thornhill Indoor Golf

The Thornhill Indoor Golf project by Lucky 5 Group represents a groundbreaking venture into the realm of luxury leisure spaces, skillfully incorporating the principles of modern design and sustainability. At the forefront of this innovative project is the use of eco-wallboard and fluted panels, materials that not only contribute to the project’s environmental credentials but also add a sophisticated aesthetic appeal. This initiative is a part of Lucky 5 Group’s broader commitment to house remodel and house design, extending their expertise into the creation of unique indoor improvement spaces that redefine modern living. The custom design of Thornhill Indoor Golf showcases the pinnacle of interior design, merging functionality with style to achieve renovation goals that serve as a source of renovation inspiration for all. This project stands out as a testament to Lucky 5 Group’s ability to innovate within the sphere of luxury indoor golf experiences, making it a landmark project that blends the best of custom design, interior design, and sustainable building practices.

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  • YEAR 2023
  • WE DID Renovation

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