SIX PARK Athletic Centre

We’re excited to reveal our latest project – a comprehensive renovation of the SIX PARK Athletic Centre. The goal was to revamp and modernize the entire gym space, transforming it into a state-of-the-art athletic centre that inspires and motivates. From installing high-performance flooring that can withstand heavy foot traffic and gym equipment, to integrating efficient lighting systems that provide optimal visibility while creating an energizing environment, we’ve completely revitalized the space.

Our work didn’t stop at the aesthetics and functionality. We also aimed to elevate the overall experience for every visitor. The new, sleek design embodies the spirit of fitness and wellness, while our carefully selected color palette creates a positive, inviting atmosphere that resonates with the energy of the gym-goers. It’s a space that doesn’t just look good – it makes you feel good too.

In collaboration with the SIX PARK Athletic Centre team, we have reimagined a gym space that stands out and sets a new standard in fitness facilities. This project showcases Lucky 5 Group’s versatility and commitment to delivering unparalleled service in every project, no matter the scope. Get ready to witness the transformation of SIX PARK Athletic Centre – your new favorite spot to stay fit and active!

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  • YEAR 2023
  • WE DID Renovation

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